Member Testimonials

Christopher Rollan ISMS, ITSM, PIITA Co-founder

PIITA is the best way to see and develop the future best version of you. Your professional achievement is without a value if you cannot share your success to the Community. More importantly It’s an honor to serve fellow Pinoy IT. PIITA have transformed me from a typical shy type Pinoy IT into an assertive and proactive leader.

In just one year serving PIITA, I was promoted from IT Administrator to Head of the Department.

Tangti, Officer

I am not really into IT pero I became a PIITA member and officer as well(thanks for the trust😊).Why I joined PIITA?? Well,honestly at first I just wanted to add my networks since I am into Sales but eventually I became active esp. sa events coz i saw how genuine the people are esp from the advisers to core team .Even if im not in IT,they still encouraged me to do more and aim higher. May mga members dn po na nakkatulong personally(I will not mention names,ksi alam na nila yun). These are some of the reason why I kept on inviting Filipino ITs to become a PIITA member esp. if we are encountering them sa marketing.😊😊.That’s all, I thank you😊😊

Arwin Detera, Co-Founder

I let PIITA slave me for so many years , we organize events , manage people, collaborate with vendors/ suppliers, PIITA gave an opportunity to practice my desire role, and now managing people for me in work place is easy , because of PIITA.

I have been promoted from level 2 support to Team Lead to Manager, because of PIITA.

PIITA made it easy for me.

Tbag, Member

πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚Isa po ako sa mga natulungan ng PIITA na makabalik sa IT field. more than 10 years ako VMD sa isang retail company. Kaya Kung hindi sa PIITA. nakalimutan ko na mag ping😁😁. Im Motivated by leaders, educated by trainings. – tbag😁

Koyo Denzo, Member

Piita helped me in a lot of things to be honest. Technically, soft skills even in music (Piita band). Hehhee. But really, it is nice to be sorrounded with Pinoy IT professionals. Ang dami mong matutunan dito sa career man o sa personal mong buhay. Kaya saludo ako sa Piita Pipz. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Bryant, Member

Personal sharing lang mga kapatid, recently dumating ako sa pagkalito sa career, hindi pa ako member that time and may nakausap ako na PIITA member na, sobrang nakaka positive yung usapan namin.. ang nangyari ay parang career assessment, minsan kasi may target tayo track sa IT pero madami palang other tracks na pwede skills natin. Kaya ok talaga PIITA.

Manlibre ka lang ng Kape.. may free career assessment kana. πŸ˜‡πŸ‘ŠπŸ€™

Minsan naisip ko bukod sa chances and opportunities given to us Filipinos for career improvement and advancement. There are times tayo minsan unclear of our goal or track sa IT Careers natin.

Kaya I felt in PIITA, we can be guided and assisted. πŸ€™πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜