Mozilla plans to win back users to Firefox browser

Our privacy and personal data has been at risk these recent months with giant tech companies failing to secure our private data safely. This means our precious digital information becomes vulnerable exposure, theft and even abuse by fraudulent users.Series of controversies regarding our consumer data are hounding our trusted technology companies such as the recent shady analytics firm Cambridge Analytica, which uses Facebook user’s data without users’ permission.


Nevertheless, Mozilla has been very critical about the health of the Internet and even launching initiatives fight back Facebook’s ongoing controversy. With Mozilla’s Chief Marketing Officer, JaschaKaykas-Wolff explaining how Mozilla is aiming to reintroduce Firefox browser to a new type of consumer who’s conscious about quality products and company values.“[Millenials] They care about the value of the product that they’re getting, they appreciate the utility and need the utility of the product they want to use but they care equally about and will make decision because of the values of an organization” said Kaykas-Wolff. He also said that combination of both value and utility in line with the values of the organization are altering the purchase intent behaviors of people around the world.


CMO Kakyas-Wolff describes Mozilla as “a not-for-profit first who builds technology products that hundreds of millions of people use all over the world”. He emphasized that Mozilla is positioned to help everyone understand and introduce to Millennials, which he describe as conscious chooser who Mozilla really is. This gives Mozilla an opportunity to introduce Firefox to a completely new generation.

(Source: https://www.zdnet.com/video/how-mozilla-plans-to-win-back-firefox-users/)

Author:  Cherlowe Reinard Ramirez



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