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Is your entire IT staff under pressure? Is it under threat? What are those threats? How can you level up your IT operations to be ahead? What’s new? What does the IT face daily? There are newer threats, event from the technology they handle. But what are these threats? Is you company adopting IT Best Practices and other Quality Frameworks?



Are you in IT Operations? Thinking of returning to the IT Field? Are you stress at work? Cannot meet expectations? Tried hard to multi task but yet can’t still satisfied management as much as users? Is there such thing as multi task? Is your boss really understand what you would like to communicate ? Why I can’t understand they’re saying in a meeting? Still hard to understand the difference between incident and problem, OLA vs SLA and other IT operation terminologies ? Do you know what are your Core Services, Enabling Services and Enhancing Services? Are you familiar with RACI Chart, RTO and RTO? Who are your really competitors nowadays career wise? Are you insecure on your position that someday ,you will be replaced? Want to level up with the IT Operations in a brave new world?

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Which is the best Service Operation tools in the market today? Budget constraints on purchasing tools? What are the features that will suit our organization? How can I implement it? Can I tailor fit it with an organization?

To find out more, please mark your calendar on 31st May, 2019 and meet with IT Professionals in UAE.

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Renen Jose Navalta

I am Renen Jose Navalta, a Filipino Web Developer based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and currently working full time in an advertising agency. I have been working in this field for more than 15 years and has served quite a number of international projects and clients from personal, government to commercial. Apart from working on the web, I am also a 3D visualizer with focus on exhibition stands and I got a huge passion for photography as well.