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February 13, 2022

We are pleased to announce our new elected officers for 2022. In behalf of the PIITA we are grateful for your support and participation to the success of this year's election.


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PIITA has succesfuly held their 2022 first official GA

Lead by the Board of Directors, former officers and newly appointed Chairman Jerome Aspirin, PIITA has successfully celebared their first GA of this year. Looking back from where it started back in 2004 from 5 members to now 150 active Filipino IT members. 


The event highlighted its history, success stories and to how  Non-Profit Organizations survived the challenges of this Pandemic. Utilizing the use of technology in pursuing excellence and services to its fellow Filipino IT members.


The official announcement of the elected officers was the main highlight of the event, marks another milestone that Bayanihan Spirit of Fiipinos leaves.

in PIITA YES we Can!

PIITA is one of the most active Non-Profitable Filipino IT organizations outside the Philippine soil. Its goals to provide affordable Training, mentorship and encouraging all IT Filipinos to serve and help their fellow countrymen.


 Since 2014 PIITA has held more than 20 events to improve the competencies of IT OFWs residing in the UAE. Providing affordable and in demand training, certifications required in the global market.


As the Covid slowdown PIITA is dedicated to serve more IT Filipinos in the region, adding more events and success stories in fulfilling their missions to provide Word-class IT Filipino leaders.

Breaking the Silence

From the successful POD talks held on 2019 prior to Pandemic, PIITA has focus in serving their members through their social media channel, it was a very less vibrancy during the pandemic, in compliance to all health protocols. Thus, PIITA never stops aiding their fellow members. Providing support among members who lost their jobs in the heights of the pandemic.

The BOD and former officers met with the elected IT professionals orienting them on the importance of serving fellow Filipinos in IT through PIITA. Receiving full support from all the nominees to continue offering their services to the community by volunteering regardless of the outcome of the election.

A very promising years ahead for all PIITA members in reaching their goals of excellence in the field of IT.


(Left ) Anthony Diaz PIITA President, Eduard Cleofe Vice-C FIN/ Co-Founder, Chris Rollan Vice-C CHRIS /Co-founder, Engr. Jeth Ramboyong and Arwin Detera, Chairman/Co Founder, Nancy Asa Host/PIITA Officer
(Left) NBIZ -Charlyn Shee, Cristeta Cera, Chris Rollan, Airene Guansing PIITA Officer and Jenny Suna-Nbiz

Mar 31 2017

In behalf of PIITA we would like to extend our gratitude to  NBIZ  Infosol for their support in the success of our recent event “Soft Skills for Techie.  We look forward to a more successful partnership in the future. Thanks to our speakers namely; Sir Anthony Diaz (PIITA President), Engr. Jethroefel Ramboyong and to Dr. Greg Skulmoski for sharing and imparting their knowledge on how to be more successful and effective Filipino IT Leaders of tomorrow.

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